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Jul 27, 2021

(Nehemiah Chapter 12 Verses 27-43)

Today we’re wrapping up our series through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah entitled “The Road to Revival.” We are finishing up our series by looking at the culmination of the urban renewal project that Nehemiah led in Jerusalem and the impact this had on the people of Jerusalem.

The first thing we notice is that the people gathered for the dedication of this project, but most importantly to worship God together.

1. Revival Worship Gathers (vv. 27-30) At this point in the story, the walls were completed, and the Temple had been rebuilt when God called the people to gather in Jerusalem for worship. In the Bible we see that God places a high premium on gathering for worship. (Psalm 122:1)

2. Revival Worship Encircles (vv. 31-39) We see in these verses the people of God forming two great choirs, climbing on top of the newly rebuilt walls, and walking around the city – one choir went one way and the other choir went the opposite direction – and they met on the other side of the city.

The purpose of walking around the city while worshipping was to demonstrate that the act of worship is not constrained to a temple or a meeting. Worship encircles and encompasses every area of our lives. Remember, “Christianity is not a way of looking at certain things; Christianity is a certain way of looking at everything.”

3. Revival Worship Focuses (v. 38) The purpose of worship is to focus on God – to give him our full devotion and obedience and ensuring that He receives all the glory in all the facets of our lives. Psalm 115:1 – “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory.”

4. Revival Worship Engages (vv. 40-42) Worship is a verb – it is active, not passive. To worship God involves taking action – whether you are praying, singing, rejoicing, as we experience God in all that we do.

5. Revival Worship Rejoices (v. 43) Ultimately, the people rejoiced as they sang, worshipped, and gave thanks. In fact, they were filled with GREAT joy! The joy of the Lord is an overflow of revival.

Our teaching series may be drawing to a close but in other ways our road to revival is just beginning!