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Apr 24, 2020

"God Wrote A Book" - Human Agency

2 Peter 1:16-21 (ESV)

1. The Writers
2. The Scribes
3. The Fathers

1. Why did the early church make such a big deal about eyewitness testimony about Jesus (2 Peter 1:16-18; 1 John 1:1-3)? What is the value of their testimony (as recorded in the New Testament) for us today? Also, read...

Apr 16, 2020

2 Timothy 3:14-16 (ESV)

*If God Wrote a Book, What's the Evidence?

--External Evidence
--Internal Evidence
--Eternal Evidence

*If God Wrote a Book, Who's the Audience?

Discussion Questions:

1. What is a high view of Scripture, and why is a high view of Scripture important? Why is it dangerous when people, churches,...

Apr 10, 2020

1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 12-20, 50-58

1. The Resurrection FACT (vv. 1-8)

2. The Resurrection HOPE (vv. 12-20)

3. The Resurrection VICTORY (vv. 50-58)

1. What honest questions have you ever had about the resurrection? How has God given you confident faith that Jesus truly came out of the grave bodily and physically?

2. Read...

Apr 3, 2020

John 12:1-21

Point #1 - Set the Pace for Adoring Jesus

Point #2 - Teach Your Children About the Death of Jesus

Point #3 - Don't Lose Sight of King Jesus

Point #4 - Remember that Easter is All About People Coming to Jesus

1. In what way did Mary set the pace for adoring Jesus? Think about Luke 10:38-42 as well as John...