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Jul 30, 2017

The Hurried Soul

Luke 10:38-42; Psalm 46


 “ . . . there is a world of difference between being busy and being hurried. Being busy is an outward condition, a condition of the body. It occurs when we have many things to do. Busyness is inevitable in modern culture. If you are alive today in North America, you are a busy...

Jul 23, 2017


What do you do with those questions you wrestle with that you can’t seem to reconcile in your mind or your heart?


  • Take your questions into the presence of God. (Psalm 73:16-17; Matthew 11:28-30)
    • When you seek to wrestle with questions on your own, you never gain a proper perspective, and it leaves you...

Jul 16, 2017

Do all spiritual paths lead to the same God? Pastor Shawn addresses this issue in today's teaching. 

Jul 9, 2017

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” - Epicurus

Romans 8:18-30 (Text from ESV)

"Our God is in the heavens; he does all...

Jul 2, 2017

FAQ: “What should we be praying for the world/our nation, considering that the circumstances in our world will inevitable worsen as the time gets closer for Jesus to return?


Passage: Matthew 6:9-13


  1. Pray that God would be adored!


  1. Pray that our desires would be His Desires


  1. Pray That our behaviors would...