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Nov 13, 2016

State of the Church 2016

Acts 1:6-8


Our God-given Vision . . .

  • That Crossgate will become an epicenter of God’s activity from which He will shake the nations for His glory.


Our God-given Mission . . .

  • To Lead people to Christ.
  • To Equip people to grow in Christ.
  • To Send people out in the name of Christ.


Reason to Celebrate . . .

  • We are leading people to Christ
    • This past year we have seen 51 people give their lives to Christ and follow in baptism
      • 23 were our Adventure Lodge children
      • 7 were between the ages of 18-29
      • 21 were over the age of 30
    • We are equipping people to grow in Christ
      • Over 500 involved in LifeGroups
      • 40 couples going through Re|Engage marriage enrichment this semester; 75 couples who participated in our “Date in the Box”; approximately 80 couples attended our Uncommon marriage conference this past year.
      • In Discovery Land we’ve seen an increase on Sunday mornings from an average of 62 to 85 children. (37% increase); 25% increase on Wednesday nights from last year; we utilized 7 rooms last year, now we are using 9 and needing to expand even more.
      • In Adventure Lodge, we’re averaging 100 on Sunday mornings. (20% increase)
      • Our student ministry is trending up in attendance.
      • We’ve launched a new 20somethings ministry and have been averaging around 40.
    • We are sending people out in the name of Christ
      • We’ve had 1,070 Crossgate members and attenders involved in mission projects this past year.
      • Our missions giving increased over the past year by 27%.
      • We are engaged missionally in local, state, national, and international projects.


Reason to Press On . . .

  • N3 Initiative
  • Treasuring Christ


Putting our “Yes” on the Table . . .