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Jun 28, 2015

Amplify: “Take Heart”

Mark 6:45-52

We can take heart because He is praying fervently on our behalf. – Mark 6:46 “Consequently, He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him (Christ), since He (Jesus) always lives to make intercession for them.” – Hebrews 7:25

We can take heart because Jesus is with us.  – Mark 6: 48, 51


We can take heart because He is I AM. – Mark 6:50

Questions for Discussion:

1)      Discuss why you believe Jesus made His disciples get into the boat knowing that they would encounter a storm?


2)      1) Have you ever wondered what it was that Jesus was often praying about? Looking at Matthew 6: 9-13 and John 17, what do you believe were the focus of Jesus’ prayers? How does knowing Jesus is praying for you affect you? (Hebrews 7:25)

1)      2) Why do you believe God sends us into environments that He knows will test us? What is true about God, regarding His love for us, in those moments when we experience “storms”

2)      3) Share how God has not redirected storms that you’ve experienced, or may be experiencing, yet has led you or is leading you through them.

3)      4) When Jesus says, “I AM,” what is He saying to His disciples? What is He saying to us?


4)      5) Take a few moments as you wrap up and identify God’s character that He is revealing to you or that you are needing Him to reveal to you right now. For example, if you’re experiencing restlessness in your spirit, hold on to that God says, “I AM your peace.”