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Dec 24, 2012

Another in Pastor Shawn's series titled, "The Gift". Pastor Shawn reminds us of the gift of Jesus Christ who laid down all that He was to become flesh and the sacrifice that enables us to have eternal life. What does God want from us in return? What kind of gift can we give God? Check out this podcast for the answers...

Dec 17, 2012

The Gift - Compassion

Micah 7:18-20


When I am for God’s glory and the Gospel compassion is my response to a world in need


Jesus As Our Example . . .


“When He (Jesus) went ashore He saw a great crowd, and He had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.  And He began to teach them...

Dec 3, 2012

James 4:13-16

The Gift of Time . . .

        Time is not something you can make more of, earn or buy; it is a gift from God.

·         You can take it for granted.

o   Waste your life

·         You can use it for God’s glory.

o   Change the world


Time is brief in this life so you must make the most of time.