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Jan 27, 2014

God does not want us to settle for less than greatness.  (Philippians 4:8-9)

·         Don’t settle for a less than great relationship with God; pursue a great relationship with Him.

·         Don’t settle for a less than great marriage; pursue a great marriage that is Christ-centered.

·         Don’t settle...

Jan 20, 2014

“Shift:  Grinding the Gears”

Genesis 22:1-19



Tension . . .


In life God will lead us to a point of tension that requires us to make a shift.

·         Abraham experienced a crisis of belief.

o   Move beyond fear or become paralyzed by it.

§  Fear of losing a dream

§  Fear of a letting go of what’s

Jan 13, 2014

Instead of adjusting our life to what is resonating in culture, our primary concern and desire should be to adjust our life to what is resonating in the heart of God.


Is your greatest desire and ambition to be culturally relevant rather than spiritually vibrant?


·         If we are culturally relevant without...

Jan 6, 2014

When Your Heart Is Lost In “Egypt” . . .


The direction in which I go reveals the condition of my heart and determines the destination of my life.


·         A rebellious heart will always go in a direction opposite of God. (v.1, 2)


·         An impatient heart devises a plan that is often convenient and