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Apr 3, 2020

John 12:1-21

Point #1 - Set the Pace for Adoring Jesus

Point #2 - Teach Your Children About the Death of Jesus

Point #3 - Don't Lose Sight of King Jesus

Point #4 - Remember that Easter is All About People Coming to Jesus

1. In what way did Mary set the pace for adoring Jesus? Think about Luke 10:38-42 as well as John 12:1-6. How will you set the pace in your home for adoring Jesus?
2. Think about the picture of the people standing next to the cross with hammers and nails in their hands. What did Phil mean when he said, "You can't fully appreciate the power of the cross until you first connect yourself personally with the cross"?
3. Have you ever used "the bridge" illustration to share the good news about the cross with someone else? What happened? How could you use that illustration in the future?
4. Why is the Lord's Supper such a powerful reminder of the death of Jesus? Why is it so important to remember the death of Jesus?
5. What are some of the things that might distract us from King Jesus during this season of pandemic, economic turmoil, and political maneuvering? How can we stay focused on Jesus as King?
6. Why is the Easter message of resurrection hope more relevant now than ever? Why? How can we maximize this opportunity to share this good news with people?