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Apr 16, 2020

2 Timothy 3:14-16 (ESV)

*If God Wrote a Book, What's the Evidence?

--External Evidence
--Internal Evidence
--Eternal Evidence

*If God Wrote a Book, Who's the Audience?

Discussion Questions:

1. What is a high view of Scripture, and why is a high view of Scripture important? Why is it dangerous when people, churches, and denominations walk away from a high view of the Scripture?

2. How does the "internal evidence" that God wrote a book--i.e., amazing unity & cohesion and incredible prophetic accuracy--show us God's fingerprints on the Bible?

3. How does the "unity of the Scripture" affect the way we read the Bible? How does this help us to better understand God's heart and mind on any given issue or question? How does this help us to address apparent "contradictions" in the Bible?

4. How does the "eternal evidence" support the idea that God wrote a book? For example, read Hebrews 4:12 and discuss how the truth of this verse has been true in your life.

5. Where would you be today if the book that God wrote did not have a place in your life? Where could you be tomorrow if the book that God wrote had an even greater place in your life?