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Feb 11, 2013

Exodus 19:1-20

The Simple Truth:

            God’s desire is to meet with you.


If God desires for me to encounter Him, then what am I supposed to do?


  • I must prepare myself for an encounter with God. 
    • You may desire an encounter with God, but are you prepared for such a moment?
      • Confession and Repentance
        • “consecrate them . . . let them wash their garments and be ready for the third day.”  (Exodus 19:10-11)
        • Matthew 3:1-2
      • God’s response“For on the third day the Lord will come down . . .” (v.11b)


Questions to Ask God as I Prepare My Heart . . .


1.  Is my affection and allegiance being given to someone or something else?


2.  Am I elevating someone or something as an idol, and bending my knee and bowing my heart to?


3.  Am I vainly speaking or reflecting, God’s name rather than revering Him?


4.  Am I finding pleasure in God by resting in Him?  Am I observing Sabbath rest?


5.  Am I honoring those in authority?


6.  Is there hate or anger in my heart towards someone or God?


7.  Is there lust in my heart?


8.  Am I taking that which is not mine?


9.  Am I deceiving for personal gain or to make myself look better?


10.  Am I desiring and longing for what is not mine?  Is it consuming my life?