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Oct 14, 2018


1 Corinthians 2:1-5; 2 Corinthians 6:3-11; Philippians 3:12-16



  • One of the greatest hindrances to authenticity is fear.
    • The fear of being known.
    • The fear of what others might say or think about me.
    • The fear of seeing what I know to be true but don’t want...

Oct 7, 2018

Psalm 133:1-3

  1. We shall never know the full power of the anointing of God until we are of one heart and one spirit as we learn to forgive.
  1. In our lives
  2. In our families
  3. In His church

Ephesians 4:32      Matthew 18:21-35

  1. God calls us to forgive because He has forgiven us and He knows we can never reach our spiritual...

Sep 30, 2018

Matthew 28:18-20

1) God's mission is to reach the world. 

2) All Christians are called to join God in His mission. 

3) Effective Participation in God's mission demands discipline.