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Mar 3, 2014

Pastor Shawn concludes his series, "We Do" with a round table discussion with members of the new Marriage Ministry team. They discuss the importance of this new ministry to our church as well as the three functions each of the key leaders will be focusing on. Those three functions are:

1) Mentors - Mike and Alison Fendley are the leaders of this part of the Marriage Ministry team. They will be helping to recruit and train future mentors as well as helping to match couples who desire Godly counsel with mentors to help them in their marriage journey.

2) Events - Mark and Jill Cramer lead this portion of the Marriage Ministry team. They are in charge of events designed to strategically influence marriages in a positive manner. The "Art Of Marriage" conference held this past weekend is a great example of an event designed to bring couples together. Other events may be as simple as helping to provide ideas for Date Nights or short seminars on building marriage skills for couples.  

3) Discipleship - Rob and Tula Young are in charge of this area of the Marriage Ministry team. They are leading in helping to recruit and form classes that will help in giving couples a Biblical foundation in their marriages.