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Feb 21, 2016


Genesis 2:4-3:16; 1 Peter 3:1-7


“There has never been a generation whose general view of marriage is high enough.  The chasm between the biblical vision of marriage and the common human vision is now, and has always been, gargantuan . . . Some cultures . . . like our own, have such low, casual, take-it-or-leave-it attitudes toward marriage as to make the biblical vision seem ludicrous to most people.”  John Piper, This Momentary Marriage


Two Significant Questions . . .


  1. What does an uncommon marriage look like?


  • An uncommon marriage is gospel-centered, not self-centered.
    • Uncommon grace.
    • Uncommon love.
    • Uncommon forgiveness.
    • Uncommon trust.


  1. What does it take to have an uncommon marriage?


  • If you are going to have an uncommon marriage it will take an uncommon man and an uncommon woman surrendering to and pursuing an uncommon Savior.


My Response to Be Uncommon . . .