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Nov 9, 2020

Jesus taught and modeled the priority of prayer in his life here on earth. In today's teaching Pastor Phil examines some of the ways Jesus taught us to pray as we are about our Father's work.

Jesus modeled the importance of his presence - he became flesh and dwelt among us.

Jesus preached the Gospel. He shared the good news with people wherever he went.

Jesus proved that He was God. He did this through healing and other miracles that were first and foremost designed to bring glory to God and demonstrate that He was the Son of God.

Jesus loved others. Jesus saw that we were people "as sheep without a shepherd." And the foundation for making disciples for Jesus and making better disciples for Jesus is grounded in our love for people.

Jesus prayed. He told us to pray earnestly for God to send more people to share the Gospel.

He also knew that when we pray for others we are reminded of our own identity in Christ. 

We invite you to listen to this audio podcast in its entirety to learn how you can better pray for how you can make more and better disciples.