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Dec 14, 2014

Join us as Pastor Shawn continues his series, “King of Heaven” Today's message is “The Impostor King”. The enemy is continually working to replace Jesus Christ as the King of your life and he is relentless. But we have been given the victory through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and we do not have to fall for the enemy's schemes. Even though the enemy attempts to deceive us in many ways the root cause of each of these attempts is based on our pride. Pride as in wanting our own way and not God’s way for our lives. Pride as in doubting the goodness of God and running to the enemy’s shadow replacements. Pride as in thinking that we know best and that God does not. All of these motives result in one thing, spiritual death.


If we are saved we do not lose our salvation but we can lose our hope, joy, meaning, protection and purpose that God has designed for us since the beginning of time. If we are not saved spiritual death means a permanent separation from God forever in a place of punishment called hell.

Today Pastor Shawn shows us how to recognize and defeat “The Impostor King” in our live and properly restore the True King to His place of Honor and Kingship in our own lives.