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Jan 31, 2016

“Not Home Yet:  Sojourners and A Sovereign God”

1 Peter 2:4-12


As You Come to Him . . .

When you taste the goodness of God by drinking deeply from His word, He is transforming you by His power to be a temple of His presence. (v.4-5)

  • The Spirit of God is doing the work in you so that you might offer to God spiritual sacrifices that are pleasing to Him through Christ.
    • Instead of malice, you offer a sacrifice of unconditional love
    • Instead of deceit, you offer a sacrifice of truth
    • Instead of envy, you offer a sacrifice of joyful contentment
    • Instead of slander, you offer a sacrifice of encouragement


Cornerstone Or Stumbling Block . . .

Your spiritual formation is only as sure as your spiritual foundation. 

  • A life always takes the shape of its cornerstone.
    • To those who believe in Christ, there is no shame and there is much honor. (v.6-7)
    • To those who do not believe in Christ, He is an offense. (v.7-8)

“They stumble because they disobey the word as they were destined to do.”


As the elect exiles in this world, our hope rests in the truth that God sovereignly reigns over all, even those who oppose Him. 


Make Much of Christ . . .

By God’s mercy and grace we have been chosen so that we might proclaim the goodness of God in Christ. (v.9-10)

  • He called us out of darkness.
  • He gave us a new identity.
  • He extended to us great mercy.


As a sojourner, live in such a way that the world’s accusations about you fall short of the Christ-like character and conduct seen clearly at work in and through you. (v.11-12)

  • Fight to not give in to the desires of the flesh.
  • Keep your conduct honorable.