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Jun 29, 2014


Philippians 3:1-6

 Beware . . .


Be careful of those who seek to sabotage the truth regarding salvation.


·         Look out for the “dogs.”—those who are the scavengers; who roam; not tame

·         Look out for the “evildoers.”—those who are religious, but deny salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.

·         Look out for the “flesh mutilators.”—also known as the false circumcision; outwardly they follow the Law, but inwardly their hearts are uncircumcised. (Genesis 17:9-14; Romans 2:25-29; Galatians 1:6-10; 6:11-16)


o   Judaizers—tried to convince people that unless a male was circumcised physically, according to the Law, they could not be ina right relationship with God.

§  The Jewish Talmud says, "The commandment of circumcision is more important than all the other injunctions of Scripture.”


Good works are never a substitute or supplement for Christ’s righteous saving work on the cross. 


·         My achievements do not take care of my sin problem; Christ’s righteousness does. 

o   It’s not about how relentlessly we pursue religion and keep religious rules that make us right with God.  It is God’s relentless pursuit of us through His Son Jesus Christ that we have been made His own, and now, as a result, we relentlessly pursue the One who rescued us by His great salvation. 


Be Certain . . .


True salvation is found by putting your full confidence in Christ for the forgiveness of sin.

·         The true “circumcision.”

“ . . . and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter.  His praise is not from man but from God.”  Romans 2:29b

·         Those who worship by the Spirit of God.

·         Those who glory in Christ Jesus.

·         Those who do not put confidence in the flesh.



Paul’s Checklist . . . 


If personal achievement and ancestry could qualify someone for salvation, Paul would have been the model candidate.

·         Circumcised the 8th day.

·         Of the people of Israel, the tribe of Benjamin.

·         A Hebrew of Hebrews.

·         A Pharisee who excelled.

·         A zealot against those who broke the Law.

·         A strict follower of the Law; blameless.


Paul’s conclusion . . .


The trappings of religion never satisfy your soul; only a relationship with Christ quenches that for which your soul truly needs and longs. 


What’s Your Conclusion . . .?