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Feb 5, 2017

Simply Jesus”

Colossians 3:1-15


Live Differently . . .

  • I live differently because, as a believer, I have been ____________ with Christ.


Which means . . .

  • It changes what I _____________ and what I ___________ about.
    • _________ the things ___________ where Christ is seated.
    • _______ your __________ on things above, not on things that don’t ______.


  • What you seek and set your mind on __________ how you live your ________ here on earth.
    • Our heart and mind should dwell on things above so that it affects how we live below. It’s as though we live in two realms:  our affections (the things we love) and our mind (the things we think on) are heavenly minded and it influences how we live our lives here on earth. 
    • So the question you need to ask and honestly answer is this: What is it that captivates my affections (desires) and my attention (think about; focus on)?
      • What does your ____________ run after?
      • What ______________ your mind?


Two Reasons Why I Seek and Set My Mind on Things Above . . .

  1. Because I have ___________ to the things I once desired and set my mind on.
  2. Because I have ____________________ to all I am, and have, ________________.
  • The riches of His glory; in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
  • To look with an ________________ gaze at the things of this world, when I have an all-sufficient Savior, is _______________ at best.


I am “hidden in Christ.”  (means I am influenced by, affected by, the person and work of Christ.)

  • My _____________ have become what He desires.
  • My ________________ have become what He thinks about. (Phil. 2:5)


So how do I keep my heart’s affections and my mind’s focus on things above? . . .

  • Put to _____________ what is not of Christ. (vv. 5-11)
    • Put to death that which is not of Christ by ______________.
    • What you don’t kill will _______________ you.


  • ______________ what is of Christ. (vv.12-15)