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Aug 7, 2016

Title: What’s the Next Step?

Text: Matthew 28:18-20

  • How did Jesus call people to follow?
    • Come and See - John 1:39
    • Follow Me – Matthew 4:19
    • Learn from me – Matthew 11:29
    • Remain in Me – John 15:4
    • Obey Me -John 14:15 & John 15:14


  • What does God say about you? You are valuable in God’s eyes


  • Who does God Invest in?


  • Why are we failing at Discipleship?
    • What it is not:
      • A Class
      • A Program
      • A Spiritual gift that some Christians have
      • Something “Professional” Christians do, while Regular Christians do not
    • Where did we go wrong? Far too few Christians are Making Disciples


  • What is Discipleship?
    • Oxford American Dictionary defines disciple as: “a person who Follows the Teachings of another, whom he Accepts as a leader.”
    • Spiros Zodhiates – New Testament Disciple is “an Adherer who accepts the Instruction given to him and makes it his Rule of conduct.”


  • What is our Goal at Crossgate?
    • We say, “The Church where Nobody stands Alone”
    • We believe Discipleship happens best in Circles instead of Rows