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May 31, 2015

Amplify:  What Is My Story?

Mark 5:1-20


A Wrecked Life . . .

Satan wants to destroy your life.  (John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8)

·         You were not created to live among the tombs, but to live!

·         You are not meant to be bound, but to be free.


A Rescued Life . . .

Jesus wants to save your life.

·         Jesus has come to rescue what sin has wrecked

o   Those whom Satan seeks to destroy and the world seeks to discard, Jesus seeks to redeem


And An Amazing Story . . .

·         A changed life is proof of the gospel at work in you.


·         A changed life amplifies the gospel loudly to the world

o   Tell your story to those who know you best.

o   Tell your story to all who will listen.


So . . .

What Is My Story?


Questions for Discussion . . .

1.       Discuss the statement that Pastor Shawn said, “You were not created to live among the tombs, but to live.”  What does that mean?

2.      Although not everyone in your group may be a Christ-follower, invite each person in the group share his/her story (how and when the became a Christ-follower; their continued search and seeking out what it means to be a follower of Christ, etc.,) 

3.       Why do you think that Jesus did not permit the man who was possessed to come with him, but rather told him to go home to his friends and share his story?  What are some of the practical applications or takeaways from Jesus’ response?

4.      Compare and contrast the different responses of the people in verses 15-17, and 20.  How does the gospel’s effect on a person’s life elicit those responses today?