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Feb 10, 2014

Nehemiah 1:3-11, 4:1-9; Song of Songs 2:15


The Assessment . . .


·         Right now our marriage is broken andit seems hopeless.

o   Cry out to God in prayer.

o   Confess sin.

o   Stand on the truth of God’s word.


·         Right now our marriage has breaches in it that need to be repaired and it seemsoverwhelming.

o   Ask God to do what seems impossible.

o   Identify the areas that need to be repaired. 

o   Join God in the work of repairing your marriage.


·         Right now our marriage is steady, and it seems secure. (Song of Songs 2:15)

o   Realize the enemy is always scheming against you.

o   Remain constant in prayer.

o   Stay guarded in every way. 


The Need for Transformation . . .


v   Regardless where you are in your marriage, it should constantly be transforming in a way that is conforming you to the image of Christ. (Romans 12:2)


And here’s why . . .


v  Before God will transform your marriage, God must transform you from the inside-out.

·         It is easy for us to look at our spouse and say, You need to change.”

·         It’s much more difficult to allow God to examine our heart, our motives, our attitudes, our actions, and hear Him say to us, I need to change you.”


v   When we allow God to change us from the inside out, we begin to view our mate in a much differentway. 

·         I see you as a child of God/creation of God vs. Youare my enemy.

·         I want to serve you vs. I want you to serve me.

·         I want to give you vs. I want you to give me.

·         I want to honor you vs. I want you to honor me.

·         I want to build you up vs. I want to tear you down.

·         I want to show you love vs. I want you to show me love.



Truth Statement:  Transformation in your marriage begins with transformation in you.


5 Keys for Transformation . . .


1.    Mutual submission (Ephesians 5:21-24; 1-6)

2.    Respectfulhonor (1 Peter 3:7) 

3.    Sacrificial love (Ephesians 5:25-33)

4.    Undeserved grace (Ephesians 2:8-9)

5.    Christ-like forgiveness (Matthew 6:12; 18:21-35)