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Apr 19, 2015

Mark 3:13-21 (ESV)


1. Jesus uses insignificant people to do significant things.


-Text on screen for 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 (ESV)


2. Jesus doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called.


-“God only loves bad and broken people who blow it because bad and broken people who blow it are all that there are.” - Tullian Tchividjian


3. Jesus unites people who would otherwise never associate.


-Text on screen for Galatians 3:28-29 (ESV)


4. Jesus alone is the hero.


Works Cited/For Further Study…

-The ESV Study Bible

-Faithmapping by Daniel Montgomery & Mike Cosper

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-Four Portraits, One Jesus by Mark L. Strauss

Discussion Questions…


  1. In what ways does this passage help us see that Jesus uses insignificant people to do significant things?
  2. When you think about the twelve men Jesus called to be his disciples, what hope does it give you that he can use you?
  3. In what ways, can seeing that Jesus “qualifies the called” instead of “calling the qualified” give you encouragement as you seek to make disciples yourself?
  4. In what ways are you tempted to believe that you have to “have it all together” in order to be used by God? How can the Gospel bring us comfort in this?
  5. Who do you regularly hang out with, that if were not for the Gospel, you would NEVER hang out with? In what ways do you need to see growth in this area in your life?
  6. Who is someone you need to be reconciled to? What steps are you going to take this week to see Gospel reconciliation begin?
  7. What difference does it make to see Jesus as the true hero of every story? How does this help us avoid “moralizing” the Bible?