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May 24, 2015

The Perfect Storm”  

Mark 4:35-41

  Jesus is in charge of this production, it’s all about His Plan

  Jesus sets the stage

  He is fully aware of the people, places, etc. involved

  Jesus is the Main Act (Colossians 1:16-17)

·         Jesus is the God Man, fully human and fully God

·         Jesus identifies with our humanity (Hebrews 4:15)

·         Jesus takes a Sabbath (v.38a)

·         Jesus brings the storm (v.37)

·         Jesus calms the storm (v.39)

·         Jesus created and controls the universe

·         Jesus’ words have immediate power to alter circumstances

Jesus challenges His cast

·         Jesus amplifies faith through adversity (v.40)

·         It is in adversity that we seek Him most (v.38b)

·         Jesus has an eternal perspective

Jesus is writing His story

His plan is to save through His power, to save you for His eternal purpose.


Questions for Discussion . . .

1. Do you think that Jesus brought the disciples into this storm? Is He is in control when life makes no sense?

2. Have you ever experienced a time when God acted in a way you didn’t understand? Has He used adverse circumstances to grow you spiritually?

3. What is an area in your life that would benefit from maintaining a more “long term”, eternal mindset?

4. When has the presence of God moved you in a way that displayed who He is and who you are in comparison?

5. Have you been through a “storm” in life that didn’t make sense, but in hindsight you can see His purpose?


6. How can we better trust Him in the circumstances and seasons of life that don’t make sense as we live them?