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Jun 10, 2013

Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5


From Desire to Adoration . . .


For Her

There is a sense of excitement and anticipation in hearing his voice and being in his presence. 

For Him

1.  There is a strong desire to be with and pursue her.

·         He takes the initiative; He is the pursuer.

·         It is a desire, not an obligation.


            In Dating or Courtship . . .

·         Is our dating relationship right biblically?

·         Is our dating relationship honoring Christ?

·         Do we have the same essential beliefs?

·         Does he/she know Christ and is he/she growing as a follower of Jesus?

·         Does he honor me?  Does she honor me?

·         Do we have fun with one another?

·         Can we accept each other’s faults?

·         Do we desire to spend our lives with each other for life?

·         Am I ready to be in serious relationship?


            Dating should grow you, not drain you.


In Marriage . . .

·         Are you still dating your spouse?

·         Does your relationship communicate desire or obligation?


2.  There is a strong desire to know her intimately, which involves vulnerability.   

·         You will love only as deeply as you are willing to be vulnerable (trust).

o   What are you doing to show her you are deserving of her trust? 

·         For those who are dating, as you become vulnerable, guard what is pure.

·         Awakening love too soon will destroy intimacy. (2:15)


For Her and Him . . .

There is a strong level of commitment to one another.  (2:16)


Final Thoughts . . .