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Aug 26, 2012

“Real Life - Part I”                                                       August 26th, 2012

James 1:1-8



·         James, the brother of Jesus, wrote this letter (epistle). (James 1:1)

o   Leader of the church in Jerusalem

o   Martyred in A.D. 62

o   Wrote this letter in A.D. mid 40’s.


·         This letter was written to the Jewish Christians scattered beyond Jerusalem.  (James 1:1)

o   Old Testament Dispersion:  Captivity and Exile

o   New Testament Dispersion:  Persecution


·         It’s a revealing letter.

o   God uses real life issues to reveal real faith.

·         It’s a practical letter.

o   Practical wisdom on how to navigate wisely through real life.

·         It is a challenging letter.

o   There are over 50 calls to obedience to live out real faith in real life.


Practical Truths About Real Life . . .


1.  Real life demands a real choice. (James 1:1)

      “a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ . . .”

·         Bondservant:  one who gives himself up wholly to another’s will; not forced, but willingly.


      Truth Statement:  Who or what I serve will influence how I live out my life.


2.      Real life involves real struggles. (James 1:2-4)

·         Trials are a part of real life.

“ . . . when you meet (encounter; face) trials of various kinds . . .” (v.2)


·         Trials will test the genuineness or maturity of my faith. (v.3)

“ . . . for you know that the testing of your faith produces steafastness.”


·         Trials are purposeful in maturing me spiritually so that I become more like Christ. (v.2, 4)

“And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

(Philippians 1:6; Matthew 5:48)

 “Count (Consider) it all joy . . .”


Truth Statement:  As a bondservant of Christ He is our greatest joy and the gospel is our greatest aim.


3.      Real life needs real wisdom. (v.5-8)

·         Ask in faith and God will give generously.

·         Doubt God and you will be unstable, receiving nothing from God.

o   Doubting is when I ask God and then run ahead to try and resolve the issue; or when I give up on God because His timing isn’t my timing.


Truth Statement:  When I encounter the trials of real life, God’s wisdom is what I need most.

Making it Practical . . .

 What are some of the trials you are currently going through?

·           What are some of the ways you could respond?

·           What are the ramifications that would result with each of the responses you listed?

·           Based on God’s word and the leading of His Spirit, what is the obedient thing to do that reveals God’s wisdom?