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Feb 4, 2013

James 5:13-20


Real Praying, Real Practical . . .


·         When I am suffering because of the trials of this life, my first response should be to pray. (v. 13)


The truth is that many times we pray after we’ve gone through the checklist of options that don’t work


Truth Statement

Prayer is undervalued and underestimated as a true and viable solution to everyday problems.


·         Whether I’m suffering or full of joy, my response should always be God-directed in prayer and praise.


Too Weak and Exhausted to Pray . . .


·         Spiritual weakness should not keep me from praying; it should compel me to ask for spiritual leadership to come alongside me and pray.  (James 5:14-16; 1 Peter 5:1-11)

o   Prayer strengthens those who are weak. (Hebrews 12:3; Revelation 2:3)

o   Prayer restores those who are exhausted.

o   Prayer brings about confession of sin that may be contributing to spiritual weakness.

o   Prayer is powerfully effective.


How Am I to Respond to What God has Spoken?