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Oct 22, 2012

First Steps: The First Steps Milestone helps parents understand their role as the primary faith  trainer in their home. 

Transform The Transform Milestone celebrates a person who places his or her faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins leading to salvation. 

The Jump:  The Jump Milestone is designed to help equip parents to go through the transition into adolescence smoothly while maintaining the spiritual  and relational  connections with their child that are so valuable during these years.  

Rite of Passage:  Our culture doesn’t have a clear marker for indicating adulthood.  During the high school years parents will help their child understand and embrace what biblical manhood and womanhood look like. 

Go! Crossgate- Family Edition:  Families serving on mission together is an important aspect of growing in Christ and gaining a Christian worldview.  

Senior Summit:  Each year Crossgate Student Ministry will recognize the achievements of those graduating from High School in a Church Event called Senior Summit. 

The Journey:  Every member of Crossgate Church and the family of God is expected to be on a lifelong journey with Christ called, “discipleship.”  The Journey is our continuing path of training Christ followers to abide in Christ as well as preparing them to disciple other believers along the way.