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May 17, 2015

Amplify: Lamps and Seeds

Mark 4:21-34


The Lamp . . .


We shine the light of Christ.

·         As a follower of Christ you have been strategically placed for the purpose of brightly shining the light of Christ.  (Matthew 5:14-16)

o   God abundantly blesses those who shine the light of Christ.

o   God takes from those who are merely religious but not in relationship with Him.  (Luke 8:18; Matthew 7:21-23)


The Seeds . . .


We sow the seed of the gospel.(Mark 4:26-29)

·         As a Christ-follower it is our responsibility to shine the light of Christ and scatter the seed of the gospel.


God gives the increase to His kingdom.(Mark 4:30-32)

·         The sowing of the gospel will reap the Kingdom’s harvest. (Revelation 14:15

o   From 12 men to the nations of the world. 

·         The kingdom of God will be exalted above all kingdoms.  (Revelation 7:9-17)


Questions for Discussion . . .

1.       What does this passage say about our responsibility as Christ-followers when it comes to shining the light of Christ?

2.      In what ways do you see how God has strategically placed you to shine the light of Christ and His gospel?  Would you say that you are letting the light of Christ shine brightly through you, or are you more prone to hiding the light?  Explain.

3.       When it comes to sowing the seed of the gospel of Christ, what is our responsibility and what is God’s activity?  How does God’s activity speak of His sovereignty?

4.      What gives a person the assurance that they will be part of the harvest that Jesus is referring to in Mark 4:29? 

5.      Why do you believe Jesus used the illustration of a mustard seed to describe the kingdom of God?  How do you see this coming to fruition today?


6.      Spend time praying for God to give you courage to shine the light of Christ and sow the seeds of the gospel.  Pray that He will increase His kingdom as you are faithful in making much of Christ.