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Dec 7, 2020

During these challenging and difficult times, it is a great reminder that God always has the last word. He had the last word on 1968 which was by all accounts a terrible year. Just like in 2020, in 1968 people were tired, circumstances were troubling (at best), and there were significant doubts about the future of our country and its leadership. 

So what do you do when the world has gone wild? 

You remember that God is for you. In the book of Joshua, God reminds us that He will never leave or us forsake us. God will always have your back. And the ultimate reminder of this great truth was the baby born in Israel during challenging times in their history. 

It's also helpful to remember God's good news. Before Jesus was ever born, the Bible said this about His birth, " . . . they shall call His name Immanuel - which means, 'God with us.'" No matter the difficulty we can always count on the presence of almighty God in our circumstances and remember that He is always working on our behalf. 

The combination of these truths equal peace for the follower of Christ. God reminds us in the book of Philippians that He will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. And then in Romans we get this awesome promise, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" 

There is a huge gap between "Christmas" and "God With Us." One is a third person, abstract event, the other is a personal relationship with the Creator God of the Universe. 

Which one will you celebrate this year?