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Jun 7, 2015

“Amplify:  Desperation”

Mark 5:21-43


Desperation . . .

Jairus and the woman were desperately trying to get to Jesus because they were clearly aware of their need. (v. 23, 25-26)

·         Jesus is quick to respond to those who act in humble faith. (v.22, 27)

“And He went with Him . . . And He said to her . . .”


Two Different People . . . One Common Story

·         To the man who seemed to have everything, he still needed Jesus.

o   “Then came to Him one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jarius by name . . .” (v. 22)


·         To the woman who had lost everything, Jesus gave her all she needed.

o   She came broken, but left restored.


·         To the woman whom all had rejected, Jesus called her daughter.

o   She came alone, but left daughter of the King.


·         To the man who felt the sting of death, he experienced the joy of life.

o   Where Jesus is, there is lifeDeath must flee at His presence.


The Gospel Amplified . . .

Each of us is in need of what only Jesus can give

·         We are all in need of the gospel of grace.  We are all people undeserving, yet in great need


Questions for Discussion . . .

1.       In what ways is desperation seen in the lives of Jairus and the woman in Mark 5?  Discuss times in your life where you came to realize how desperately you needed Jesus.  It may events or circumstances in the past or something you’re currently going through.

2.      In what ways did Jairus and the women act in humble faith?  Why does God respond to those who act in humble faith?  

3.       In this passage you see the lives of two completely different people, from two different walks of life but they were both in need of what only Jesus could give.  How do you see that in the lives of people today?

4.      Discuss what you think must have gone through the mind of the woman when Jesus called her daughter.  Why do you think they would have been so life-changing for her?  What do you think was going through the mind of Jairus when Jesus healed his daughter?  Why would that have been life-changing for him?

5.      Discuss the last point of how we are all in need of what only Jesus can give.  Why is this statement true?  How can you share that with those in your life who are a lot like Jairus or the woman in this account?