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Feb 2, 2015

Mark 1:14-20

It’s About the Gospel . . .


Jesus came proclaiming the gospel of God.

·         The most significant time in all of history has arrived.

“The time is fulfilled . . .” (v.15)


·         The kingdom of God is near.

“and the kingdom of God is at hand . . .”

o   The Messiah has come establishing His rule and reign over sin and death and in the lives of all who turn to Him.

§  The kingdom of God with us and within us.

§  The kingdom of God on earth (millennial reign)

§  The kingdom of God forever.

·         The new heaven and new earth


·         Turn from sin and believe in the gospel.

o   “Repent”—a change of mind, leading to a changed behavior.

§  I turn from my sin and turn to the Savior.


It’s About Disciples Taking the Gospel . . .


God extends grace in calling unworthy disciples to follow a more than worthy Savior. 

            “Follow Me . . .”


·         Jesus breaks through the everyday-ness of our life and calls us to something eternally significant.

“ . . . and I will make you become fishers of men.”


God has chosen to reach a broken world through those who are willing to give up everyone and everything for the sake of the gospel.


Questions to Think About . . .

1.    If a non-Christian asked you, how would you summarize the good news in two sentences?

2.    How is repentance related to confession and obedience?

3.    What does it mean to believe in the gospel?

4.    What have you given up to follow Jesus as His disciple?

5.    Give some reasons why Jesus is worth following.

6.    How do we fish for men?  Think about casting a net and how that relates to ways in which you present the gospel.


7.    What is the “sea” God has placed you in, and who are the people around you who need to be reached.  Write down some names and pray for them.