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Jul 20, 2021

We are—and have been, for the last six weeks—on the road to revival, a season of getting desperate for more of God in our lives and a much greater sensitivity to his presence in our church.

But here is a quick question, "When you are on the road to revival, how do you maintain momentum?"

Well, when you first experience revival, it’s possible to exist on emotion for a short season—so

today we’re going to study Nehemiah 9 and learn how to maintain momentum on the road to revival.

The first thing we see when it comes to maintaining momentum on the road to revival is the concept of humility. (Nehemiah 9:1-3) In this scripture we see God’s people bowing low in humility because they had an increasing sense of the presence of Almighty God among them. Remember what we said last week, obedience leads to revelation . . . when you obey God, He will reveal more of Himself to you. (James 4:8)

The second part of what we can learn from this scripture is that God’s people prayed. After humbling themselves before God they prayed. (In fact, in Nehemiah 9 we see the longest prayer recorded in the Bible.)

Finally, we see the third component in this chapter, their response. After they humbled themselves and prayerfully confessed their sin to God, they responded by renewing their covenantal relationship and commitment in writing.

Here at Crossgate Church, we believe in responding to God by taking a next step. We truly believe that everyone has a next step to take with Jesus Christ. So, what’s your next step?