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Oct 26, 2014

Jonah 1:17-2-10


Things You Learn From the Belly of a Big Fish . . .


1.    Jonah’s disobedience led to his distress

“I called out to the LORD, out of my distress and He answered me:  out of the belly of Sheol I cried, and You heard my voice.”  Jonah 2:2



Is the distress in my life due to willfuldisobedience in my life?


2.    Jonah’s distress led to his cry for mercy.


·         Distress will bring you to your knees or harden your heart.



Is my distress leading me to cry out to God or am I sinking in bitterness?


3.    Jonah’s cry for mercy was answered in God’s display of compassion.


·         God’s mercy and compassion is extended to undeserving people.

o   The sailors

o   Jonah

o   The people of Ninevah

o   You and me


·         God’s great salvation is without prejudice. (Romans 10:12-13)


Getting Personal . . .


·         Is there willful disobedience in my life that I am unwilling to confess to God?

·         In my distress, am I being drawn to cry out to God, or am I hardening my heart?

·         Is there something I am holding on to that I believe is worth the distress I’m in?