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Sep 2, 2013

Psalm 51

Truth Statement:

God desires to redeem my brokenness by His immeasurable grace to display His matchless glory


·         Brokenness remains until I willingly acknowledge my sinfulness and my need to be saved.

o   God delights in our authenticity.  (Psalm 51:6)


·         Brokenness must be surrendered to the God who redeems and restores what has been shattered by sin.

o   God does not discard brokenness that is surrendered, but shapes the pieces of our life into a portrait of His grace.


Three Truths to Hold On To . . .


1.  I am not so broken that I am beyond the reach of His love and mercy.


2.  I am not so broken that I cannot be restored by the gospel of His grace.


3.  I am not so broken that Christ cannot use me for His glory.

·         The mosaic of Abraham’s life.

·         The mosaic of David’s life.

·         The mosaic of Mary Magdalene’s life.

·         The mosaic of the woman at the well.

·         The mosaic of Paul’s life.

·         The mosaic of my life.