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Jul 5, 2021

Continuing our series, “The Road to Revival” today we are looking at the sixth chapter in the book of Nehemiah. Today we are looking at how to stay focused on the road to revival when the enemy seeks to distract us from our faith journey.

Main Point: Distracted driving can take us on the wrong path.

  • The Enemy’s Plan: Distraction, Deception, Destroy

If the enemy can’t have you then his next goal is to make sure you are distracted, the last thing he wants is for you to be dedicated and focused.

  • Our Plan: Remain Focused On The Goal

Nehemiah’s goal was to build the wall around Jerusalem. ANYTHING that didn’t keep his hands working, he knew, was a distraction.  

  • The Enemy’s Plan: Relentlessly Persistent

The stakes are enormous and the enemy will not relent when it comes to seeing us staying  focused on what God has called us to complete.

  • Our Plan: Stand Firm In Our Priorities

As believers, our chief priority is to glorify God by knowing Jesus Christ and by being conformed to His character beginning at the heart level. Anything that pulls you away from that priority, even if it is a ministry, is a ploy of the devil.

  • The Enemy’s Plan: Rumor, Slander, and False Accusations

If Satan can’t distract you with a good thing, then he’ll try to distract you with the rear-view mirror using: A) Our Past B) Comparison C) Our guilt and shame D) Our sense of worth

  • Our Response: Truth and Prayer

Nehemiah realized his strength came from God, and we need to do the same.

  • The Enemy’s Plan: Fear and Intimidation

The enemy will try to scare you into sinful behavior to ruin your testimony. Don’t yield!

  • Our Response: Fearless Obedience and Prayer

It is always right to obey God’s Word no matter what the threatened consequences may be.

Closing Point: Our Ultimate Goal is God’s Glory.