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Mar 31, 2014

Mark 15:1-15


The Road We Travel . . .


All roads do not lead to heaven, but all roads do lead to the cross.


On the Road with Barabbas . . .


·         He was a rebel—He didn’t follow the law of the land.

o   I have a rebellious heart.


·         He was a murderer—He had no regard for the life of others.

o   I have a murderous heart.


·         He was a thief—He took that which was not rightfully his.

o   I have a thieving heart.


·         He was aninsurrectionist—He rose up against those in authority.

o   I have an insurrectionist heart.


Are we that different from Barabbas?


At the Crossroad . . .


The crowd didn’t save Barabbas that day, Jesus did.  

·         At the cross, the blood of the innocent Christ would pay for the sins of the guilty.

·         At the cross, my sin would be nailed and my righteousness secured.

o   On the cross Jesus would bear my guilt so that I could be made right with God.


My Crossroad . . .


How do you stand before God?